Aubrey Garrett, MT

Medical Technologist

Keivan Hosseinnejad, M.D.

Visiting Physician Scholar  

Amber Hall, MLT

Medical Technologist

In our Clinical Trials Laboratory, the majority of the workers are full-time or part-time employees at several hospitals and clinics in Louisville, Kentucky; Hardin, Kentucky; or New Albany, Indiana.  Our staff includes:

  • Eight board-certified medical technologists
  • Several phlebotomists
  • A board-certified clinical chemist
  • Several physicians and nurses trained to conduct clinical trials

Jennifer Pitman, MLT

​Laboratory Manager

Clinical Study 


Jamie Gorbett, MT

​Medical Technologist

Mindi Burch, RT

Clinical Studies Coordinator

Bradley Sears, J.D.

Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs

​Lisa Bruck, MLT 

Medical Technologist

Yunet Calderon, M.S.

​Director of Operations

Diana Vazquez

Clinical Study Coordinator

Yenny Lamazares


Stay Connected

Ashley Lyons, MT 

Medical Technologist

Deanna West, 


Sarah Pickering, MT

Clinical Study


Everardo Lopez

Clinical Study Coordinator

Kentucky Clinical Trials Laboratory

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Amanda Sanders, MLT

Medical Technologist 

Leslie Austin, MT

​Medical Technologist

Our Staff

Michelle Shireman

Medical Technologist 

​Linda Minton, RN, BSN

​Clinical Studies Coordinator 

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